Sinusitis is an inflammatory condition which affects the air-filled cavities in your cheeks, around and behind your eyes and nose. Often caused by a bacterial infection which is may follow illness like the common cold. Viral colds can disrupt the drainage of mucous from the sinuses which subsequently leads to secondary bacterial infection. Patients who have allergic diseases like allergic rhinitis or asthma commonly have problems with sinusitis.

Types of sinusitis

Acute sinusitis is defined as symptoms usually less than 4 weeks.

Chronic sinusitis is normally defined as symptoms lasting longer than 8-12 weeks, but can last much longer if not properly treated.

Symptoms of sinusitis

  • Nasal congestion
  • Purulent, thick nasal discharge
  • Facial pain or tenderness
  • Post-nasal discharge
  • Headache
  • Cough
  • Maxillary teeth pain
  • Decrease sense of smell
  • Decrease or distorted sense of taste
  • Asthma symptoms in susceptible patients

Treatment of sinusitis

Most cases of acute sinusitis are effectively treated with good sinus antibiotics, mucous thinners, and decongestants.

Chronic sinusitis often will require a little more evaluation including a thorough medical history, exam focusing on your nose and sinuses looking for nasal deformities, polyps or evidence of allergic disease. Allergy testing is often considered to look for allergic disease that might contribute to sinus inflammation and nasal swelling. Sometimes CT scans are useful to define such problems as septal deviations or other anatomical issues.

Treatment of chronic sinusitis often includes saline, nasal sprays(steroid), decongestants, and antibiotic therapy. If evaluation uncovers allergic rhinitis, then immunotherapy can be effective in reducing the likelihood of the recurrence of chronic sinusitis.

Chronic sinusitis can adversely effect your quality of life. Contact us and allow us to help identify the cause of your chronic nasal and sinus issues. Then, we will formulate a plan that effectively treats your individual allergy/sinus issues.