Medical Staff

Our medical staff, composed of nurses and medical assistants, is here to take extra special care of you and your family. Each one of our medical team members are certified in Basic Life Support. Our staff includes a certified asthma educator who has specialized training, which allows us to care for asthma patients in a more effective manner. If a patient requires treatment with allergy immunotherapy or “allergy shots”, that prescription will be written in house, and the allergy serum will be mixed and created at our allergy mixing lab.  Our allergy serum staff has more than 20 years of combined experience in mixing allergy serum.


Financial Counselors

Our Financial Counselors can help you determine your insurance benefits, or set up payment options.  With such extensive experience in the health care field, our onsite counselors can also help you determine which payment option is right for you. Call with your health care financial needs and we can assist you in determining your best solutions.

Front Office

Our front office staff is there to help direct you to proper staff member to meet your needs.  They can assist you in checking in and out, and scheduling your appointment.